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Howdy beloved!

Mack Stevens here. Hope you're in the mood for a good dose of penicillin resistant hick bop, 'cause that's what I offer here.

Am so VERY excited to announce our newest LP and CD by my newest band, LOS PAGANOS DEL RITMO (that's me and Fer Couto on guitar and Path 13 on bass fiddle) and it's entitled BOP N' THE BLUES, 'cause that's what it is. Home recorded with 1 microphone and no mixing and all mistaked left intact. You WILL NOT find a better collection of shitkicking hick and raw bopping blues than this. PERIOD.

We are taking preorders now and will continue to sell this damn thing until they're gone.

Anyway, I'm really proud of this site and hope you'll come visit more in the future.

Here at Mack, we are all about FAMILY. No, really, I mean it. Mebbe you can pick up an LP or CD and have a good ol' fashioned family singalong night- why I can hear Mom and Pop and cousin Twisty harmonizing on "Dig Her Up" or perhaps Sister Jaqueeshia joining in on "Suicide".

My songs deal with real honest-to-my-imaginary-friend life situations. Who among us have not found themselves chest deep in a rotting old grave at midnight digging up some old broad who reminded them of Mama (as in my tune Dig Eddie Dig)? Who could deny the feeling of supreme happiness of seeing the unfaithful love of their life mewling pitifully for mercy as the dirt is shoveled over their shattered limbs, as in my song "Let's See You Cheat On Me Again". Who, indeed?

Mostly, though, I built this little empire to bring comfort and music not to the unworthy masses, but to the faithful remnant who still appreciate a prominent slap bass fiddle or a blown guitar note in a 2 1/2 minute soap opera of love, death, perversion, salvation, and pain. This is a labor of LOVE, dammit; if I wanted to make $$ I'da sold out and gone the Barf Brooks direction, or at least made Billy play more like the Stray Cats. Can't do that, sorry. I gotta sleep at night. The screams coming from my crawlspace are bad enough.

Wanna hear my radio show, go to: Rockabilly Radio