Eagle LP Bop Rock Rockabilly

Waterhole 45 EP Killing Spree

Freedonia 101 45

Freedonia 45 EP 102 (w/ Malcolm Yelvington)

Freedonia EP 103

Waterhole/Crazy Love LP (var.)

Freedonia CD Home Made Tattoo

On The Hill LP Dangerous Man

On The Hill 33 EP Rockin Guitar Gal

On The Hill 45 Holy Roll

Freedonia Cassette

Jimjam LP Rebel Rockabilly Rock Vol. 7 (One Cut, Bootleg)

Dynamite Magazine (1 cut)

Rollin Rock/Hightone CD Las Vegas Stomp

Rollin Rock CD Hardcore Texas Cat Music

Rollin Rock CD Texas Heat

Rollin Rock CD Let's Rock To-nite

Cuttin Boogie CD - Freedonia

On The Hill CD Hillbilly Proud

Hog Maw LP White Trash Requiem

Hog Maw 45 Hog Maw Stomp

45 EP Hog Maw Freaks x3

LP Kill! x 3 Hog Maw

45 Dirty Ugly Keys

45 Dirty Ugly Walked

CD Hog Maw King Of The Hicks

CD Freedonia 2011 Anything At All

Compilation CDs- Mack has 1 or more tunes on each -
CD (Var. Artists) Las Vegas Stomp, Rollin Rock Comp.
CD Big E's Lone Star Record Hop!
CD Rollin Rock's Greatets Hits Vol.1
CD Atribute To Texas Hottest Rockabilly (Rollin Rock)
- and lots of unissued sides. Mack started making home recordings as a teenager and still churns out demos and finished tunes at home.